Japan Fern Lists and Miscellaneous Documentation

The following PDF files contain all documentation received during out trip. There are 3 different PDF files:

  • Full Size PDF. This is the highest quality weighing in at 68MB. This would be the best one to choose to get a high res print.
  • E-Book. This one weighs in at 12MB. While not as big as the one above, the pictures still have reasonable quality.
  • Screen. This one is only 4MB, but the full size pictures are quite pixellated. 

A few notes on what has been added to the original documentation:

  • As well as the plant lists, the PDF file contains all pictures, maps and dangerous animals sheet.
  • A cover page and table of contents has also been added. The items in the table of contents can be clicked to navigate to the appropriate section.
  • All plants have been cross referenced to their respective images (simply click on the plant name). This includes referencing images in other lists. I have placed a red asterisks next to all plants that have an image.  
  • Plants that were not observed on the respective day appear in grey whereas those that were seen appear in black.
  • You can save the PDF locally by right clicking on the link and choosing the save option.
  • For best results with viewing pictures, use Adobe Acrobat to view. When using this, you will get a full screen picture when clicking on a plant.

Lastly, I would just like to acknowledge the effort that the Japan Fernist Club put into developing this documentation and provide thanks for letting us make this available. Please note that all material, including images within these files remains the property of the authors. 

Here are the PDF files:

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